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  • What does Mister Kamal's blueprint teaching course actually do?
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  • How do I know that I will get a return on my investment?
    Believe it or not, the word of mouth is a very powerful advertising, it is estimated that it 51% of client flow than hope marketing. So let's say you have 5 classes of 10 students = 50 student's and each pays 50$ a month = you get 2500$ just teaching 5 classes 3 days a week, do the math is you teach 8 classes 6 days a week = 8000$
  • Do you work with newbie teachers or veteran ones?
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  • Why is Mister Kamal the best teacher of teaching?
    Because Mister Kamal is a big time psychologist, he is familiar with MBTI 16 personality types, which gives him the ability to read people fast. Aside to that he is a pick up artist that can read people's non-verbal communication. Mister Kamal also enjoys making social experiments, like this So we can definetly call him a social GORILLA!
  • Can you guarantee results?
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  • What's involved with Mister Kamal's method?
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